Many people were interviewed for this film and helped to tell the story of The Conqueror. Here are a few that illustrate the virtue, spirit, hard work, and generosity from Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion.

Jerome Conquest

Jerome is a professional boxer from Philadelphia's inner city. Jerome has used his status as a professional athlete to do truly inspiring work in his local community. His main emphasis has been to help disadvantaged local children and youth. He has created annual Christmas toy drives, back-to-school book-bag programs, and he is currently a poster figure for Big Cats Last Round Foundation, a charity which brings at-risk youth into the gym and away from street violence. Jerome speaks regularly to kids and teenagers around the city of Philadelphia and actively mentors aspiring athletes at Joe Hand Boxing Gym, where he also trains. In The Conqueror, Conquest tells the story of losing his best friend to street violence and how that event helped shaped who he has become today.

Joe Hand Jr.

Joe Hand Jr. is Jerome’s promoter and a professional boxing icon. His family-run business ‘Joe Hand Promotions’ is known not only in Philadelphia but around the world. He also serves as President of the Glen Mills Schools which builds resiliency and offers hope for struggling youth.

Randy Hinnant

His career as a top-flight trainer has taken him around the world to prepare fighters for big matches. Randy twice traveled to Germany to compete for a title with middleweight contender Lajuan Simon. Along with his brother, Wade, he has left his fingerprints on many of Philly’s top fighters. Randy certainly enjoys the travel, but just as important is his work with the young kids at the gym. Randy started boxing as a kid himself at the Athletic Rec Center at 26th and Masters in Philadelphia. He never turned pro, but enjoyed about 20 amateur fights. Randy joined Joe Hand Gym with his brother Wade in 2001.

Darryl Cobb Jr.

Darryl is a photographer. Originally from the West Coast, he now lives in Philadelphia, where he documents the power and raw passion behind the sport of boxing.